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March 18, 2022
5 mins

Digital Marketing - Why Business Visibility Depends Upon Marketing Trends?

Considering the current data marketing trends are the 80% factor for brand visibility. Brand visibility is the must have thing in today's world right? If you are going to launch your business you want to create a noise in the market about your product and services. Many business put lots of investment in creating awareness than lead generation do you know why?

Let me tell you why they are ready to spend in awareness whether it is a product or service awareness is very important.

Awareness = Brand visibility + Business purpose clear + Business USP + Recognisation + Traffic(by default) + Sharing thoughts + Feedbacks + Business Validations (one step to success)

This is what you will get after awareness. But wait this is not most of the people think about awareness. Let me tell you what they are thinking while creating awareness campaign.

Awareness = Brand visibility + Interest + Qualified leads + closure + Traffic + lot's of clicks

Unfortunetly, the truth is marketing is not a magic or not at all simple way to get a closure.

Marketing required lots of experiment, learning, failure, way to create a need for product or services and then success.

You cannot win the race without practicing and making your body strong enough to fight with your competitors. You cannot win just by participating and get the trophy.

Marketing awareness is important to get your business in the marketing and then start with the marketing trends.

Now, the question is what do you mean by marketing trends?

  • Marketing using AI?
  • Old traditional marketing?
  • Marketing using social media presence?
  • Marketing using paid campaign?
  • Marketing using SEO?
  • Marketing using personalised email campaign?
  • Marketing using XYZ....
  • Marketing trends which people can trust.
  • Marketing trends which your users can find it as a solution.
  • Marketing trends which can attract your customers.
  • Marketing trends which allow your audience relate with.
  • Marketing trends is solving the problem with the purpose and pure & clear vision.

Are your business clear with your vision? Do you know what is the purpose of your business and how you see your product and service? If you place yourself as a user, will you able to buy it or trust it?

Answer is with you... if something is working with xyz it doesn't mean it will work for you as well.

Written by
Pallvi Gautam
She is a digital marketing veteran with 9+ years of experience, thrives on interactive learning and staying updated on the latest strategies.

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